Thursday, June 30, 2016

30 Before 30: Day 11 - Inspiration

Sometimes as an artist you're inspired... other times you're fighting for something creative to spur inside of you. It doesn't matter which of those times it seems to be, I've found that as an artist even when I'm not inspired I have to find a way to create something.

Yet, some of the best work does come out of inspiration because that's when the art just flows. Recently I wrote a short story (just over 8,000 words) which I'm estimating to have taken me no more than about 6 hours to write (typing of course). I was very inspired at that time. At other times I already have ideas and just have to figure out exactly how to get them out and work through it. And at other times I'm limited by a number of factors and something is created through two.

Two of those things came out of the limitations of my time studying at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center in Spring of 2009.

The first was what I now use as my production company, "Whimsical Pictures." Nothing embodies the sense of me and what kind of stories I love more. Whimsical fantasy, even in real life life, tends to be a bit of the direction I take. It's not officially licensed no one else has it that I've found and I stamp it on everything I've done since 2009. I also have an official page on IMDB for it so I'll consider that official enough for now.

The second thing that came out of it was this short film that I created (later re-cut to flow a little better) called "Beyond the Mirror" which had many correlations to and the feel of Alice In Wonderland:

It follows a girl as she goes through a mirror into another world, after being approached by Death, so discover herself again. It played with opposites of Life and Death and was very philosophical. I also have a feature script written for it that I would love to make one day. For now, the short will have to suffice.

When the inspiration does strike, it's splendid. When it doesn't, I just keep fighting.

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