Monday, June 27, 2016

30 Before 30: Day 8 - We All Get Starstruck

I don't really get star struck. I've met a small chunk of celebrities and haven't gotten tongue tied or froze. I met members of my favorite bands, became friends with Doug Jones, worked with Bradley Cooper, Cameron Crowe, and Joel Gretsch, and met Jim Beaver. All of this seemed fine.

Then last summer I had a job catering carnival cart food. I would say it would somewhere in the middle of how much I enjoyed it out of my jobs but it gave me opportunities to see a lot more of Los Angeles and on one particular day a chance to get onto the set of Castle (which has now completely finished).

I had wanted to get on set for a long time, except of course as an actor. This will have to do. That day the production had hired out a New York style hot dog cart for the shoot and my entire job was to make sure the cart was set up and operating fully. This meant that I probably had less than an hour of work, giving me plenty of time to chill on set, watch the shoot from a distance, and have a lovely chat with a security guard that day.

Then in the middle of the day I was walking to one side of the church where filming was happening and as I walked down the sidewalk Nathan Fillion was walking towards. Now, this man is one of the actors on the top of my list to work with someday. But on this day, as I got near, instead of greeting him in some way, I made eye contact, sort of nodded (I think), and kept on walking, having completely frozen.

I guess no matter how normal that world becomes to us, there is that one person that makes us star struck.

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