Saturday, July 9, 2016

30 Before 30: Day 20 - Friends


These are the people that we all need. Of course, there are different kinds of friends.

There are the friends you talk to rarely.

There are the friends you talk to regularly.

And then there are the friends you are closest to and see them whenever possible.

I definitely have all of these friends. But the ones I always remember the most are the ones that whenever I go back somewhere, they are the first people that I want to see. Those are usually the friendships that last a lifetime, not just a season. These are the friends that you know you can count on, even when things get bad. They'll be by your side even if they don't agree with everything you've done or said.

Those are the friends who we can lean on when times are rough. That when we see them again after months, it's like nothing changed. You can do just about anything with them, it doesn't even have to require talking, and your just glad you were in their company.

Those are the best kind of friends.

I would say in any one place I've lived I've never had more than 4 of those friends. I would say there are 4 I would put in this category in my hometown, 3 in Chicago, 1 in Hawaii still, and 3 in Los Angeles.

Now, I must be clear, this doesn't mean the other friends aren't important. It's just, those specific friends are the ones I want to spend the most time with and see more than others. They are the ones I am more likely to share my deepest secrets with, have the best conversations with, and enjoy the time more than anyone else with.

I care about and appreciate all the friends in my life. They're all important. But we all need what we might call that "inner circle" of friends who we have those special connections with.

These are the people that will most likely help us when we're down.

Sometimes we all need a friend to lean on.

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